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Alphabet's future - Ads and beyond

There is a pretty high chance you are reading this post on the Chrome browser on your Android phone. In case you didn't know, GOOGL - Alphabet Inc owns both of those 2 products. In fact, Alphabet owns a lot of services and software that we all use everyday, with 8 Alphabet's products that have more than 1 billion users: Search, Google Drive, Google Maps, Youtube, Gmail, Chrome, Android and Google Play. For a internet company whose revenue is mainly based on online digital advertisements, a global pandemic where people are required to mostly stay at home and do pretty much everything online is somewhat of a blessing-in-disguise. Alphabet's Q2 of 2021 reflected this as the company reported incredibly strong growths in revenue and the number of users. There is a clear trend among advertisers to shift their advertising focus online where most customers are and Google is in a optimal position to benefit from this trend. However, some critics still see Alphabet as a maturing