Alphabet's future - Ads and beyond

There is a pretty high chance you are reading this post on the Chrome browser on your Android phone. In case you didn't know, GOOGL - Alphabet Inc owns both of those 2 products. In fact, Alphabet owns a lot of services and software that we all use everyday, with 8 Alphabet's products that have more than 1 billion users: Search, Google Drive, Google Maps, Youtube, Gmail, Chrome, Android and Google Play. For a internet company whose revenue is mainly based on online digital advertisements, a global pandemic where people are required to mostly stay at home and do pretty much everything online is somewhat of a blessing-in-disguise. Alphabet's Q2 of 2021 reflected this as the company reported incredibly strong growths in revenue and the number of users. There is a clear trend among advertisers to shift their advertising focus online where most customers are and Google is in a optimal position to benefit from this trend. However, some critics still see Alphabet as a maturing

Aug 2021 - Our monthly stock picks

Hey all, Welcome to's first blog post. This is the first article in our new series: Monthly Stock Picks . Every month our team will pick out 10 stocks that we think are interesting and trending to share with you all. These are not necessarily undervalued/overvalued stocks that we recommend buying/selling. Rather we try to highlight stocks that are impacted by recent news/policies, stocks whose earnings call is recent, or simply stocks we find interesting that we think you should know about. For each stock, we will list out some key value drivers and highlights that investors may find helpful. To view comprehensive analysis and how we compute the upside of any particular stock, click on the stock's name to go to our platform . Without further ado, let's jump to this month's list: Company Name